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November 2017
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This is the plan for the semester. Additions and changes to the schedule are to be allowed for, even expected given the nature of the course. There will also be provisions for you to contribute new topics and directions to the course trajectory.

Date Topics Off-line resources (others TBA)
Jan. 13 Introduction, syllabus, class blog; Great Migration video; 2013, 2014 projects;
Work on student blogs, first posts
Briggs Foreword, Preface, Introduction, chaps. 2, 3, 6
Jan. 20 Clean up blogs; Photos: LGU service projects; photo optimization, posting; look at Nieman, CJR articles
Jan. 27 Blog check; Net vs. Web, HTML, CSS, RSS, PHP, etc. Work on HTML, CSS, FTP; PHP, discuss Briggs, Discussion Group 1:  Future of journalism? Molly Mahon and Becca Long from Pheed Philadelphia; Briggs Chap. 1
Feb. 3 Continue coding exercises; Nutrition background, issues, readings;  AP style; Audio assignment, (Brooks et al. chap. 3); Briggs Chapter 7; Exploring Nutrition guest, Dr. Marjie Allen
Feb. 10 Blog updates, critiques, commenting on student blogs; Audio (cont.) Editing, posting audio; work on code
Group 2:
Feb. 17 Audio editing; Nutrition backgrounding; work on code (Brooks et al., chap. 13) (Re-read Briggs Chapter 6)
Feb. 24 Review blog posts, audio;;
Group 3:
Briggs chap. 8
(Re-read Briggs chap. 3)
Mar. 3 Spring Break
Mar. 10 Photo II, cameras, Soundslides; Soundslides practice cont.; Prepare for field
Mar. 17 Food drives, intro to video; teams, ; Group 4: Ben Kalina from Mangrove Media
Mar. 24 Reporting plans, prep for video (cont.); Food drive field work (3/27, 3/28, 3/30);
Mar. 31 Slideshow posting; press conference with Dr. Edie Goldbacher, La Salle’s Obesity Clinc, Dept of psychology; interviewing; Group 5: Briggs chaps. 4, 5
Apr. 7 Interview planning; finish slideshows;  Press conference II:  Prof. Henstenburg, director, nutrition program
Apr. 14 Review footage, critiques; video formats; Ben Kalina, Mangrove Media
Apr. 21 Google maps, data sources; mashups, final project assignment; back to video, B-roll  for interviews; Group 6: Briggs chap. 9;
April 28 Data, charts, SEO, Microblogging (Storify), social media, Project work Briggs chap. 10, 11; Video editing lab with Ben Kalina Friday afternoon, 5/1
May 6 Final projects due; final meeting if problems


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