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Exploring Nutrition projects, spring, 2013

Here are some of the slideshows and videos students produced for the Online Journalism class.

Slideshows covered 11 organizations involved with the Easter food drive. Each still image links to the slideshow on the student’s blog.


Fresh Grocer (Alyssa Mullen)

Fresh Grocer
(Alyssa Mullen)

Fresh Grocer (Alyssa Wynne)

Fresh Grocer
(Alyssa Wynne)


Philippian church
(Amanda Staller–scroll down)

Mt. Airy church (AShley Kuhn)

Mt. Airy church
(Ashley Kuhn)

Mt. Airy church (Bernadette Stanko)

Mt. Airy church
(Bernadette Stanko)

Face to Face (Carolan DiFiore)

Face to Face
(Carolan DiFiore)

Face to Face (Carrie Hodousek)

Face to Face
(Carrie Hodousek)

Overview (Dom Gulli)

(Dom Gulli)

Overview (Joe McGee)

(Joe McGee)

Holsey Temple (Joe Trinacria)

Holsey Temple
(Joe Trinacria)

Holsey Temple (Jon Matos)

Holsey Temple
(Jon Matos)

St. Vincent's (Lauren Stair)

St. Vincent’s
(Lauren Stair)

St. Benedict's (Michea Bryant)

St. Benedict’s
(Michea Bryant)

Piney Grove church (Mike Kelly)

Piney Grove church
(Mike Kelly)

Overview (Phil Consalvo)

(Phil Consalvo)

Piney Grove  (Rene Atkinson)

Piney Grove
(Rene Atkinson)

Overview (Sabrina Isaac)

(Sabrina Isaac)


Videos were done by groups of three students. Students were assigned to

  • Fresh Grocer (two groups)

  • Face to Face food pantry

  • Wagner Middle School

  • Holsey Temple church

  • Piney Grove church

In addition, a student in the class, Jon Matos, worked with me on an undergraduate research project this summer that produced summary videos drawing from the videos produced by the student groups. Our main purpose was to do a quasi-experiment in which we tested reactions to the three summary videos, so they are not intended to be a “final product” in any standard sense. However, they are presented here in the hopes that they might be useful to some, as they do in each case incorporate elements from several of the group videos. For the purposes of the experiment, the three versions were categorized as representing

  1. Standard online news video


2. YouTube style


3. More abstract MTV-style

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