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Top 11 blogging tips

From, a good place to know. You can read more about it in their post.

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March 25

Right now, there is no monitor to project in class. So some plans listed here will move to Wednesday, although this was intended as a day to conference on coverage of the Easter food drive.

I would like to:

return the A Place at the Table reviews with some resulting suggestions on effective writing and blogging
ask that [...]

Google announces news keywords

Official Google blog site

Google has instituted a new <meta> tag that will direct people to  news stories “under the hood,” so that the headline text can now be more creative and clever, restoring the talent that most headline writers had long cultivated for print. For more, follow the Google Help Center article at the [...]

NY Times could use a editor

This was spotted by Hofstra prof Kelly Fincham in the print edition of the New York Times yesterday. It was still there online at 9 the next morning. I’ve highlighted the relevant bit, but take a look and see if you can spot the error (answer below):

Still waiting, one day later

A: He’s from Ireland—not a [...]

8 secrets that can make your blog fly

This is from NPR’s Matt Thompson, who runs a blog called the Argo Project (Toronto Argos?) that appears to be a network of bloggers connected to NPR. While these lists of tips are common on the Web (see Secret #2, “Numbering is Narrative“), this should serve as a good list for class next spring. Also, [...]