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February 2018
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Old stuff

Windows Live Movie Maker

Once again Microsoft has decided to reinvent one of its own wheels. The Movie Maker that we have in the lab, which ships with Vista and now Windows 7 looks like an almost-new interface. Some of you may have access to the old version, which i discuss and used here. But for tinkering today, we [...]

Week 12

OK—we only have two more classes in lab, so this week will be a busy one. The main segments will be:

Group reports and discussion about your video “mission statements” plus a look at some of the footage you plan on including
Video tips on shot selection, editing, and a walk through with Windows MovieMaker (again, best [...]

Student work

I’d like to archive some examples of student work for later classes, in case their blogs disappear. Here is a video that shows some good (and problematic) techniques in an interview. Note the audio, transitions, credits.

Here is a Soundslides show (demo version used, blog-sized) that has some good images tied to the narration, with a [...]

Video editing

We will walk though Windows Movie Maker today, hopefully with video you have shot of your interview subject. I found out that the FlipShare did save both its original images (MP4 for most versions of the cameras) and the “shared” WMV files in Users->your folder->Video->Flipshare data->Videos, so you could use the ones we made last [...]