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June 2018
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Old stuff

Questions for later

I seem to add the same category and tag each time, e.g. tag=images, category=images. What’s the functional difference between those, so that I don’t always do it that way?

What’s the functional difference between the blogroll and a list of links?

What are the limitations of using a site, as opposed to the manual install that [...]

8 changes I'd like to make

Couldn’t stick to 5:

Change the favicon. In the images folder there is a favicon folder with about 50 examples. Also would prefer to use my own. Probably just an upload, but first I’d have to figure out which one it’s using. Also that image appears in header as logo.png, so would have to replace that [...]

Adding PollDaddy polls

OK. I made a widget on and pasted the text in from there. Jan was right—it does have to go in a post, apparently. There’s also an Upload/Insert poll button when you are posting. Now to see if it will center in the post. Right—had to put it in a div. And I have [...]

Show comments

Comments don’t seem to show by default—user has to click the link. So put that on the list. It seems to me most sites have them displayed automatically.

Questions as we go

Was this a good idea?

OK. I’m using the 402 blog to ask questions for later referral. I tried that last week, but it might have looked a bit snooty when I figured out an answer. But at the moment, I’m wondering how to upload a mug shot—hate those anonymous gray silhouettes. Plus, I want to [...]