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June 2018
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Old stuff

Google announces news keywords

Official Google blog site

Google has instituted a new <meta> tag that will direct people to  news stories “under the hood,” so that the headline text can now be more creative and clever, restoring the talent that most headline writers had long cultivated for print. For more, follow the Google Help Center article at the [...]

Writing, editing

I’ll return your first posts and go over some general reactions. Look back at the notes in the Feb. 15 post and the Rubric on grading your blogs.

Then we’ll look at links in the sidebar’s Writing category:, a set of tips from, my earlier post on How Not to Blog, and a set [...]

AdSense, Analytics

AdSense is up. I had to put the code in header.php which is where the column structure is (left sidebar). I now have an ad to find La Salle high school classmates … or to learn Spanish.

On Analytics, it is working, but still with that JavaScript error—”unterminated string constant.” I tried to take out some [...]

SEO part 2

Realized I have to go back and add meta tags to each post. That’s for the first in this list:

All in One SEO pack
Google XML Sitemap
robots.txt file posted
Signed up for Google AdSense (1-2 days to activate)
Signed up for Google Analytics and pasted the JavaScript links in footer.php; need to check to see if that’s working

SEO part 1

Besides submitting to Google, Yahoo and MSN (now goes to Bing), Frank at IWA also recommends DMOZ and Technorati. The latter used to search blogs specifically, but has since expanded.