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June 2018
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Old stuff

Great Migration video

After the Online Journalism class was over, we decided that more needed to be done with this rich material. So we asked Kevin Smith, a student in the course, to do an independent study using any of the materials gathered in the class and others as he or we saw fit. The result is Journeys [...]

Video, NBC archives, Flips

Some bits from our discussions Monday.

Prof. Collins posted a bunch of key historical videos from the NBC archives. They are on the Information tab in the Blackboard page for this class. This should get you to the password request, or to the page if you are logged in to Blackboard.
Here is the 35-minute video in [...]

Fran Ryan videos 2

Here are the other three parts, each about eight or nine minutes in length. I think you’ll find these useful.

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Fran Ryan part 1

OKā€”this is going to have to be done in parts. Video is a bandwidth hog, and we have about 35 minutes of video. I used Prism to convert the files to WMV files to open in MovieMaker. Depending on what generation of Flip camera you have it will probably save as MP4 which MovieMaker cannot [...]