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April 11

Another fun-filled day, I expect. Let me set down the agenda first, then we can take a look at the Assignments page to confirm where we are at.

Go over last week’s post
Remind you to try different themes if yours isn’t loading well (e.g. Morgan and Julia both did, they now load faster and they look [...]

February 28

This time I’ll start with some of the plan and add to it later. So …

Return the posts on journalism apps with comments
Group 3 presentation on big companies taking over journalism (if both Trevor and Morgan are back healthy) based on the MediaShift article; posts on that will be due after break (March 21; see [...]

February 21


Give back the Facebook posts and the HTML/CSS-PHP-photo Tech notes and go over them a bit

Look at the Pyramid of Competence as a group and assign your post on it for next week; consider these questions:

What might seem overrated or out of place here? Why are certain items adjacent to each other? What might still [...]

February 14

How about a quick list this time:

Return 2 blog posts with comments
Hand out my quick AP style tips for future posting
Give you a rubric for any story or post that we do
Finish posting the HTML/CSS page
Do the PHP page and post that
Optimize and post the fair photo
Presentation from group 2 on apps and tools for [...]

February 24

You got my note over the weekend, so you know this will be the night of many returns. I’ll give back and go over some lessons from the photo assignment, the coding and the ENP post.  Then we will

have discussion #3 with Erin, Amanda and Cody
open the two demo files and experiment with Audacity; I [...]

Audio update

A reminder that the audio assignment is now due March 10, the first class after break. Here is a useful link from our educational technology folks on options for recording and posting audio. It covers SoundCloud (you can record directly), Audacity (and this is the PDF I handed out) and getting an app that’s better [...]

February 10

How about a short agenda for a relaxing evening …

What’s up with the LGU groups? Feedback, lessons and planning—end of the week maybe for photo essay?
Discussion #2 featuring Mike, Mark and Henryk
Grading and return of Pheed posts, with lessons for later; includes look at state of blogs, titles, etc.
Finish our HTML page, adding and embedded [...]

February 3

Tonight’s agenda:

Links from last week on photos, RSS, Twitter, etc.
The Pheed Philadelphia post is due tonight. When I grade that I will also be checking that your blog is set up properly, so that means:

Under General be sure your blog Title and Tagline make sense.
Start your Categories and Tags under the Posts menu and add [...]

March 27

First, a quick issue to discuss: LA Times earthquake story written by a bot

Then the agenda:

return and discussion of three assignments:; nutrition labels; audio
assignment of teams for the final video project (and any other planning or sharing as you see fit); you will still be doing individual slide shows (let me know if you [...]

SoundCloud post

So I finally joined(via Facebook) and uploaded a track. Here is the player with an image and adjusted color of the button:


That was with an <iframe> on my .org site, though. You need to use the shortcode on its own line like this:

[soundcloud url="" params="color=00cc11&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]
See instructions.

Feb. 20-I

Hope you all enjoyed the storm—19 inches in Allentown in two days.

The plan, then, is to

discuss the Patch post (see Feb. 13);
blast ahead with the audio assignment (see Assignments page). It will still be due at the end of the day next week, Feb. 27, so we don’t extend over spring break. As always, I [...]

Audio extra

Another WordPress player demo, this time with some tips about the Audio assignment itself. And a caution that you should exit the Dashboard if you have inserted code in the Text (HTML) editor; don’t switch back to Visual to take a look as that can mean the code then IS text and won’t function.

[Audio clip: [...]

Audio II



Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which Audacity can’t import. You’ll need to come to the front (or Center for New Media) to convert your files to .WAV or MP3 to bring into Audacity. I’ve got an app called Switch to do that, which you can download for a brief free trial (lasts [...]

February 13

As outlined in an email today, if we are canceled you will still

check the course blog; read article on

Patch, formerly of AOL

be sure you have finished and FTPed the HTML/CSS and PHP files and linked to them on your Other page (see revised instructions Jan. 30 Part II post)
finish your farm bill/SNAP 200-word [...]

Feb. 6

Agenda for this week:

finish the HTML/CSS/PHP and FTP them to a page (e.g. Other or Tech Stuff); be sure these are up by next week, Feb. 13
hand back and go over Tom Wingert posts; note lessons for later
get a handout on AP style for subsequent blog posts;
assign another post on issues connected to nutrition looking [...]

February 25-Audio, mainly

As noted via e-mail, the mics now work with Audacity (although one headset was not working). The key is to set up the mic before you open Audacity. So we will try recording in again, as you will also need this for the Soundslides project (posted Wednesday), and everyone should be able to report that [...]

February 20


be sure comments show on your blog (Settings-Discussion-> and uncheck the two Approval boxes AND Comments -> allow if blocked comments are there)
several announcements (buy NHNP raffle tickets!)
the nutrition quiz to help with your blog post due Monday; also watch for a film called A Place at the Table opening March 1
Jon Matos has some [...]

Audio 2



Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which Audacity can’t import. You’ll need to come to the front (or Center for New Media) to convert your files to .WAV or MP3 to bring into Audacity. I’ve got an app called Switch to do that, which you can download for a brief free trial (lasts [...]

February 18


return of comments on comments, and updates therein
assignment of a brief backgrounder (see below) focusing on other nutrition blogs
nutrition quiz (handout from Parade)
return to audio project, handout review, links

Backgrounder assignment:

You are a blogger, so we need to get in the habit of posting new content. Your assignment (due on your blog next Monday) is to [...]

February 13

Today’s plan:

some announcements about churches, a job, the Family Food nutrition interviews (see NHNP links)
a reminder to poke around the live blog posted Monday from the Journalism Interactive conference. See also #jiconf on Twitter; we will encounter content I encountered as we go along, but two points I recall from the CEO of Now This [...]

audio test

test2.mp3 (Upload/Insert from computer)

test2 (Upload/Insert from URL)

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] (using shortcode)

Audio 2

Don’t forget to look at Briggs Chapter 7 and the tips in Audio 1 below. To get started, download this practice file (Right click Save Link As or Save Target As). Try duplicating this track, add a narration (see handout).

Audacity free audio editor

Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which Audacity can’t import. [...]

Audio 1

For your audio, read Chapter 7 in Briggs. You should end up with a checklist of basic tips:

keep sentences and words simple; one idea per sentence
repeat ideas or questions if complicated
sound like you’re talking, not reading; be a performer
take note of where you’re recording
ideally, wear headphones
get some natural sound (“NATSON”) in 15-second chunks
tell your subject [...]

Practice photos

#gallery-1 {
margin: auto;
#gallery-1 .gallery-item {
float: left;
margin-top: 10px;
text-align: center;
width: 33%;
#gallery-1 img {
border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;
#gallery-1 .gallery-caption {
margin-left: 0;

The King’s Way, Prague

Audacity final update, tips, samples

OK. Some more tips/reminders:

Try the timeshift tool (double arrows) if you want to move some of your narration in between quotes
select, go to Effects->Amplify as another way to adjust sound, with preview
you can do the export to MP3 without using Quick Mix (in the handouts)
remember to split a stereo track, then just delete (use X) [...]


We’re missing a key piece of software. It’s called Switch (discussed below) and we need it to convert your WMA files from the Olympus to MP3 so you can mix it in Audacity.

I have it and can convert as needed today. Also MMS can do this for you. So let’s still aim to get this [...]

Playing audio

This turns out to be a bit of a can (of worms). Sort of like video embeds. You’ll note in the post below that I could only get a link to the MP3. I have since installed the Audio Player plug-in and have to see if it gives me a fourth option in the install [...]

Audio 2

Some ideas for the audio assignment: go ahead and download Audacity with the LAME encoder (both free) as mentioned on the first handout. Be sure you know where the encoder is installed, as noted. That’s what allows you to export to .MP3 so you can post it on your blog.

While you’re at it, get Switch [...]


OK. We’re going to dive into audio and Audacity. This will also be required knowledge for your Soundslides project after break.

You will produce a 90-second to two-minute audio story related to your blog topic. You need to have some narration, perhaps an introduction that lays out what follows (notably the question; see below), and at [...]