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Dr. Goldbacher II

Please note on her request, that I edited a piece out of Part 3 of Dr. Goldbacher’s presentation (below) in which she discussed Weight Watchers. You need to respect the source’s right for exclusion of content, especially when you id not explicitly ask for it. If your blog [post for this week mentioned Weight Watchers, please delete that reference from your story.

Dr. Goldbacher also provided us with her PowerPoints, added some data in response to the question at the end about efficacy of  their programs:


Behavioral weight loss:

Efficacy of behavioral weight loss treatments:

Target is to lose 8-10% of body weight; this is associated with measurable improvements in health

About 70% of individuals who participate in BWL achieve this goal


Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder (one of the main treatments that we use is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  We also use this for weight loss)

CBT for binge eating disorder: about 80% of individuals who engage in CBT improve (as measured by things like elimination of binge eating episodes)


The fees range from $10-$25 per session; this is adjusted based on income.  And all of theirservices are provided by psychology doctoral students who are supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist.

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