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April 2015
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Videos, Soundslides

A reminder that you can get the full trial copy of Soundslides and then bring your files (be sure you have everything in one project folder folder; there’ll be several folders starting with 200_200 400_300 and so on, as well as the publish_to_web folder if you’ve already done an Export; also be sure you have the original audio and images in case you need to rebuild it).  If you re-open the project from the lab copies and export your final copy will be free of the watermark/logo.

Rememeber that after you FTP it, your URL will be of the form

Also, here are the videos from Dr. Goldbacher’s presentation. These are all recorded in HD, so you could use a clip from these for your project. I’ll cover YouTube download plug-ins next week. Also note the value of the external mike. She will be sending her PowerPoints later, if you want to check on what you are posting.

Part 1, about 10 minutes

Part 2 about 13 minutes–a bit is missing after this

New, edited Part 3, about 20 minutes

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