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March 2015
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March 31


  1. Update and provisional plans for slideshow assignment (1) cover the food at the churches and pantries (2) shoot exteriors of the 11 places involved with the food drive; recall YouCaring site
  2. Dr. Edie Goldbacher, department of psychology; as before, you will write a 300+-word post on her presentation, including a head with a verb, at least one piece of art and at least two contextual links. As always, make this a news-feature piece with a grabber lead, the nut graf later on (who what when, etc.) and a conclusion that ties back to the lede. Check spelling and use AP style.
  3. Discussion with Khalice and group #5 (Tyler, Nick, Marissa); that means that group #6 on April 21 is Jordan, Zach and Mike S. Some items in the news that group 6 could use and we will discuss briefly: Meerkat and Periscope; Facebook may host news content and an analysis; photos on the Web (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat; anyone looked at Discover yet?)
  4. Make credit and text slides for the slideshow in Photoshop (500px by 375px is best at 72 ppi—pixels per inch. saved with .jpg extension)
  5. Look back at a few good examples (NPR, LATimes, Next City, below) and maybe review some good audio from our group
  6. Intro to interviewing set-up tips [handout], questions (more TK)
  7. Last call on Nutrition issues 2; reminder that slideshow is due online next week.
    • Your final slideshow post will include the following:
      • Write a brief intro—make it grabbing, enticing. Make people want to watch the show
      • Set appropriate tags and categories
      • Try for reasonable file sizes on your photos, although Soundslides makes smaller versions for the Web
      • Look again at this rubric for grading visual content
      • Include at least one title/credit/info slide done in Photoshop
      • FTP the publish_to_web folder to (password is 12345_abc version) post one of the photos and link to that folder e.g. There is a gigya shortcode to embed the Soundslides (it’s built in Flash), but current WordPress makes those hard to view (due to the https: secure server), so we’ll just go with this method.
  8. Plan for visit next week from Professor Henstenburg, director of La Salle’s nutrition program
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