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March 24

Seems this is networking night, as several of us have to be at events all or part of the evening. Often at this time when I am asking you to go out into the field, we would give credit for that and reduce class time (in some years we have been able to shoot during class, because it was in the day). We still have lots to do, but in recognition of that, and the fact that I heard back that a lot of you feel comfortable shooting and editing video (and audio), here’s the plan for tonight:

  • Discussion #4 and arrange volunteers for Discussion #5 next week (only two more to go). For #5, look at the piece on Twitter language if we didn’t go over it tonight, or this American Press Institute study on how millennials get their news (or the NYTimes report, etc.)
  • Give back the assignment, audio assignment (some of you got that last week) and Nutrition Issues II (on food waste; the latter I will still accept for most of the credit) and go over some good work on these and some lessons
  • For reviewing an audio package this piece from NextCity (also has a Philly branch, and accepts interns) on food markets is instructive; note how the story is close to but not exactly a transcript, the custom Google map, optimized photos, etc.
  • Look at slide shows below from LA Times and NPR to help with slideshow assignment (due April 7, but you should be getting photos this weekend)
  • Review shooting tips posted last week, and for reference here’s the video on DCKitchen Ben showed and his lighting tips; I’ll also give you a 10 commandments handout from Poynter, and we could go through a few pieces form Kobre’s Guide and Vimeo video school basics and framing and composition; we might come back to these, or you can use them as references; see also Videolicious (although no one is using a phone for video, correct?)
  • Plan for this weekend, into Monday; you’ll need to get shots for your individual  slideshows, as well as video for your group; here is a collection of all the info I have gathered from LGU for the food drive; I expect that we will have lots of time to do that
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