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February 2015
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February 3

Tonight’s agenda:

  • Links from last week on photos, RSS, Twitter, etc.
  • The Pheed Philadelphia post is due tonight. When I grade that I will also be checking that your blog is set up properly, so that means:
    1. Under General be sure your blog Title and Tagline make sense.
    2. Start your Categories and Tags under the Posts menu and add those to the photo assignment that’s due next week.
    3. Under Posts, be sure your photo post has a reasonable title and Body Title if your theme (Appearance->Themes) has that.
    4. Be sure that you have at least the Admin/Meta/Log-in widget (Appearance->Widgets) in a sidebar. From then on, Log in via Admin, etc., not through
    5. Add widgets for Pages and Posts if need be (true on some newer themes)
    6. Add pages for About and Other, write real copy for About, and post the optimized state fair picture on the Other page (or as a separate post);
    7. Explore the options for your Theme—does it allow sidebars, customization, etc.? Explore, add a new Theme, Preview it
    8. Check your Profile and follow the instructions from last week to add a gravatar through (Might be Users->Your profile; or go to, log in there and then Settings->Public profile->Change your Gravatar


  • Tonight’s guest is Dr. Marjie Allen, chair of Integrative Studies. She will be giving us background on the Exploring Nutrition Project—this is a prime opportunity for you to ask questions about the project. You will also be writing what I am calling Nutrition Issues I for Feb. 17, which will include background on the ENP—what concerns inspired it, what are some current issues that are being addressed? To assist in that assignment, there are links in the sidebar on several other national and regional websites and organizations dealing with these issues. The format is up to you, but you should probably frame it as La Salle started ENP to address health and nutrition, which is a serious issue, and here are some other example (somewhat as Pheed did last week). For example two recent issues are food pantries for college students and people being dropped from food stamps. You need at least one other piece of your own research and at least three links to other websites (link on sentence text as show here). Aim for 300-400 words. Due Feb. 17.
  • get three people to sign up for Discussion #2 next week. The format is the same as the first time (see the Schedule page). The topics can include anything not covered last time

    or you can present some nutrition issues as linked above or from the sidebar groups, or anything else that you see going on in online news.

  • Do the coding (HTML, CSS, PHP) as outlined in last week’s post. This is an assignment that also goes on your Other page and is due at then end of teh day next week, Feb. 10. We might need some time to finish it next week.
  • Handout my AP style tips for use in future blog posts
  • Assign the audio project (Assignments page) due Feb. 24. For inspiration and comparison, here is a good guide from Media Storm, some other tips
    Media Storm

    Media Storm

    More tips:

    • when your subject is talking SHUT UP!!!! No sounds, “umms” grunts. Nothing.
    • test your equipment from CNM (Olympus) or Communication Center (H2)
    • take some notes (e.g. good quote at 2:35)
    • listen to the Coney Island piece from NYU’s graduate Pavement Pieces site; also pieces from last year e.g. Mike O’Dell (what’s good or bad about this?).
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