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January 2015
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January 20—week 2


The agenda for tonight:

  • be sure I have the URL for your blog so I can post them in the sidebar
  • go over the basics of your blog to be sure it’s up: Title, tagline, first post, About page, your profile/photo, did you use categories and tags for your post; refer back to Mindy McAdams’ site for this (and later topics);
  • set up first discussion group for next week (see Schedule) and take a brief look at the suggested links from last week
  • photo assignment on LGU service class and group members
  • go over optimizing photos in Photoshop

To help complete your LGU service photo assignment, we’ll use this photo, part of my continuing Florida State Fair series. You need to

  • get a copy (Right-click Save Picture As in IE, Save Image as in Firefox; if photo is a thumbnail itself, use Save Link As in IE or Save Target As in Firefox))
  • open that in Photoshop
  • find out how big the file is in file size and pixel dimensions, and check the resolution (pixels per inch)
  • take a quick look at Auto adjustments for tone, color, contrast
  • optimize the photo in the Save For Web dialog box as a JPEG and make a note of the final file size and pixel dimensions
  • upload the photo to your blog (hopefully, today); I suggest that you go ahead and make a page called Other or Miscellaneous or Technical stuff and put it there
  • see if it will center properly—if not we will look at doing that in the HTML next week (<div align=”center”> …picture is here… </div>)
  • add a caption to the photo if your theme allows that (you will get a caption under the photo)

When taking your pictures try to keep these tips in mind:

Remember the rule of thirds (see third video on this page); keep the main lighting behind you (over one shoulder); vary your shot depth (wide, medium, close, extra close/macro);  move subjects among foreground, middle ground, background; move camera above, below, left, right of the subject; if you have to, crop foreheads, not chins; don’t cut off leading lines; cloudy days are best for outdoor shots. Go to this photo composition site. Also Mindy McAdams’ Journalist’s Toolbox.

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