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May 2014
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May 1

Last class. We’ll try to make it quick, so you can have time to coordinate final video plans if need be. Remember that there will be a Final Cut session in Holroyd 165 at 2 p.m. tomorrow if anyone needs help. I can also arrange to have that lab open next week.

Beyond that the main agenda items are:

  • return of  (older material plus) Henstenburg posts and slideshows, with a look at a few of the latter; slideshow grading includes a rubric useful for videos as well
  • be sure everyone is set for the final project; you each need a final package with several components, one of which is your group video; reminder that HD versions of Henstenburg and Goldbacher are up; be sure you’ve looked at encoding tips for YouTube and Vimeo
  • handout group eval sheet and my writing tips for final package
  • a few quick tutorials on B-roll more Kobre tips, Videolicious, Vimeo (see April 24 post)
  • do a custom Google map (required for final; also April 24)
  • look at some useful data sources for your final (below) including a Community Health database La Salle paid for
  • links to Storify (e.g. Rob Ford story); and Storify tips and how-to; Twitter journalists’ guide and twitter tips; tips and official page Facebook journalists’ page (moderator is Vadim Lavrusik)

For exploring data, there’s always a Google product, in this case, Public Data Explorer and Fusion Tables. For us, we need to open up the Community Health Database and look for some figures (copy them and make a quick chart in Excel). Our main ZIP codes are 19138 and 19141. You could compare our data in 2000 and 2010, or compare our data to that from the NIH.  It might look  like this:demo_ch15_pshop

Some other places just to look for research include the Rudd Center, the CDC, Philadelphia’s Public Health department, and articles at Take Part.


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