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February 2014
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February 27

OK—hope you are all up on what happened with the new nutrition labels. Here is tonight’s agenda:

  1. take a look at the posts yesterday and assign you the next Nutrition Issues post: 200+ words on what was actually decided, with some art (I took my own picture of a yogurt label) and at least two  links to other sources. One of those should be a story that you are summarizing or working from e.g. the Politico piece; one probably should be Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move another could probably be the Facts Up Front site that the food industry has created (we’ll poke around that a bit);
  2. an interactive info graphic that illustrates food labeling (most likely calories) in some way; there are several free sites such as, and (What countries are these sites hosted in?) We will use to create one that might look like the one shown here (I did this with data from Germantown ZIP codes that we will look at after break).
  3. to help, here is a neat piece on food calories from food carts in Philly from Axis Philly, and an article on food calories at McDonald’s; the basic procedure is to: create an account at, verify it via email, try New Chart; select Treemap; double-click the generic info to add a title and edit the content; create some data for now in Excel on Food item (col. 1) and calories (col. 2); copy and paste that into (NOTE you can do this with two sheets so you could compare McD’s calories to the food cart ones with radio buttons it will create; test with the eye at top left; publish button, top left; View on the Web; get embed code; paste that into the Text window on your dashboard; Publish to WordPress (don’t go back to Visual till later)

  4. finish editing and posting the audio if you haven’t; see posts below on how to post with a WordPress player, or a link to SoundCLoud;
  5. last chance to finish posting the HTML/CSS page and the PHP page to your Other Stuff page; be sure you have working links and that they are linked to text such as Here is my experiment with PHP.
  6. if we have time, we’ll start looking at some examples of slideshows that we’ll dive into after break; you will be asked to include a story from one or more of the organizations in the GHN, so take a look back at that handout and see if you might want to make a call ove break.

We will use Soundslides (our software, and like Audacity, sort of the standard, powering for example New York Times shows). For now, take a look at their site, support, etc., and these examples:

  1. Grad student at UC Berkeley (note Soundslides was not registered)
  2. Indiana student who was new to multimedia
  3. Indiana student who had a good deal of experience at photography.
  4. One from our Great Migration class of 2011 (also unregistered, note “headline here” and note the URL)
  5. One from last year’s class when they covered the Easter Food Drive in a slideeshow (we will do it as part of the final videos)
  6. One from the LA Times on a dying man
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