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April 29

Some links left on data, maps to go over from Wednesday. ONA member Ken Blake says no journalism student should graduate without knowing the basics of spreadsheets (Excel) and I’d add databases (Access). So you should be sure you can make your own Excel chart and post it in your final blog post.

Here are two more interesting posts (Washington Post, Boston Globe) that show reporteres using social media to generate breaking news content:

  1. Washington Post on the ricin letters (you know what this refers to, yes?); note the use of Storify; and what happened to the story since this?
  2. Mashable’s look at how the Boston Globe covered the week of the bombings; note Twitter feeds, Vine (6-second Twitter videos)


One more mapping resource: Google has a Public Data Explorer that generates maps from datasets it has connected to. So if they’ve done the work, you could use one of their visualizations. For an exercise, try searching Google on Pennsylvania unemployment rates, then click on the map near the top of the results. Add New Jersey for a comparison. Also, see what you get for obesity (should be OECD world data charts). 

Storify is also something you need to know. here’s a quick one I did this morning and here are two pieces on on how to use it for journalism (and this one which describes how to check sources):    

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