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April 2013
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April 22

Announcements:Earth Day logo

  • you should have access to Holroyd 165 with ID swipe; they have FCP 6 (CS2) so you can’t edit on 7 and continue there, but you can start there and finish it on 7; also Jon can be available if you come to that room at 2 this Friday and next
  • Vinny Vela will be in professor Collins’ class Wednesday at 10 in Comm Center 102; let me know if you think you will be there; he will be discussing his time at the Denver Post and the Pulitzer they won
  • if you are having problems with chopped slideshows, try zooming out (View menu or ctrl +)
  • please see me at the end of class if you have not posted your slideshow (5 people); you can use YouTube as a backup, but be sure it’s a public video
  • also see me if you still have a Demo version of Soundslides or it’s still on autoplay

Now for the real stuff:

  1. Back to the 4 links on last day’s post (April 17)
  2. Group planning—we will be putting in a call to Carly Spross of Fresh Grocer at about 2:30
  3. Video postings from last Wednesday’s conference—mine are up in 4 sections and you can use a Firefox add-on to download them up to 1080 (see below); be sure someone in your group has their handout
  4. A handout and discussion of video formats (see earlier post today)
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