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April 17

Hope everyone is ready for the interview/video with our guest. Before we get to that a few pieces of housekeeping:

  • remaining reporting plans returned with comments
  • status of slideshows (last time I checked we still have only 10 of 18); there will be time at the end of class to work on getting those posted, removing “Demo” mark
  • last-minute ideas for interview questions

Then afterwards, I’ll pass around the USB to collect your photos if your slideshow is all set, and work on finishing those that aren’t done. Also there are some miscellaneous links that we might get to today or Monday:

  1. Take a look through how Storyful used social media to track down a video maker at the Boston Marathon bombing
  2. Media Bistro’s piece on a relatively new site (buzz at SXSW this year) on using and sharing images on the Web call imgembed
  3. A recent job posting for a multi-media journalist
  4. Intr0-type video on 5 sins of amateur video (from Jon Matos)

Monday, as preview will be mostly planning group work, checking today’s video, and discussing some of the above links, with some discussion of data and mapping most likely on Wednesday.

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