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April 8

Big day (aren’t they all?).  Three main areas to address:

  1. Slideshows—status of content, work on Soundslides on laying out slideshow and Export to Web (see March 18 post)
  2. Issues related to press conference Wednesday with Jule Ann Henstenburg, director of La Salle’s Nutrition Program (plan on one person in your group doing a video; check in Olney 200 for the Panasonic cameras and small tripods; I’ll have one kit there already)
  3. Posting group video mission statements/reporting plans


If you are reading this, you probably know that the blog has been moved so that the URL is now OR you can cite the shorthand:

On 2. above, We can brainstorm a bit about what the issues are in nutrition and health in general, and specifically in our Explore Nutrition project area. To get thinking some more

  • here is a site built by The New York Times that gives Census data by census tract (we are in #27902); this is useful for racial, housing data
  • here is a study (you have a handout) about barriers to healthy eating in Southeastern Pennsylvania that uses data from this database. I’ll give out the User name and Password today, but can’t post these as this is a proprietary database that La Salle pays for; note here the most granular data is by ZIP code, and you can see here that Explore Nutrition covers parts of 19138 and 19141
  • the USDA Food Access research tool on food deserts (Fresh Grocer has solved that issue for much of our area)
  • an important research article from the Journal of Nutrition and Behavior that says that perhaps the cost of fruits & vegetables is less of an issue than most make it out to be
  • any other good reporting questions based on other readings, websites A Place at the Table and so on
  • as a reporter, you would have learned more about her before Wednesday, including the fact that she is doing her Ph.D. on nutrition and food choices in our Explore Nutrition area, so that should form the basis of some questions
From USDA interactive tool

From USDA interactive tool

On the Reporting Plans, let’s try to get these up by the end of the day today—I’m not seeing many yet, although the plan was to leave time for that today.



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