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March 20

First of all, things are moving along with the project—it’s going to be called Explore Nutrition, so you can use that in your slideshows, reporting, etc.

Today we will look at

  • two more background resources: an Economics of Obesity academic paper as  a handout, and a link to the Shorenstein Center on nutrition issues
  • look at some instructive Soundslides presentations (below)
  • watch the Common Market video (below)
  • some other video resources for you to consult as you go to the field next week: NewsU self-directed course on video storytelling;  compare Fourth of July videos, note tips on lighting, sound; Framing & composition and Video 101 from Vimeo school especially Lesson 2: Shooting Basics;
  • 5 steps to news video (Kelly Fincham) and the BBC 5-shot sequence (Andrew Lih)
  • a handout from Poynter on video commandments
  • demo of the Panasonic HC-V700 cameras with tripods, including shooting, download via the SD card and file conversion with Pavtube converter

I’ll have group assignments posted later today, so look for those on the assignments page. If you are going to Fresh Grocer, Face to Face, Hosley Temple or Piney Grove, that will also be your assignment for the group (video) project.

Next Monday come to class, but we will just check in and you don’t have to stay the whole time as it is “in the field” week. I do want people to shoot at least a little video while you are there for the Food Drive, so we can discuss that Monday if your Food Drive event is still coming up.

Also think about bringing an audio recorder for the slideshow/Food Drive assignment.


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