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March 13

Take a look at the second installment on the slideshow assignment. Then go back to the examples of slideshows on the Feb. 27 post.

You’ve got a Soundslides handout by Michelle Johnson from Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar. I’ll also link to another rubric for the images (Sue Robinson, Wisconsin) and a PDF on video and audio storytelling by Mark Hiland (also Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar).

Here are some other powerful examples from NPR (1 and 2),  and this which could help with your final project, as well as a student project from Prof. Culver that has one instructive flaw.

Don’t forget the Journalist’s Toolkit intro to Soundslides and Mark Johnson’s Audio Slideshows video (sidebar)

I created a demo of a trip along the King’s Way in Prague (Soundslides version).

The King's Way, Prague

The King’s Way, Prague (click image to launch).

To practice with the program, we’ll a set of photos I took around campus. These are in a Facebook album, but it’s not allowing downloads easily. So here they are the old-fashioned way (click the image, then Right click-Save Image/Target As) from an earlier post.

You need to be able to:

  • download these
  • play them as a slideshow on the desktop to get a feel
  • sketch out a script to go with them; about 3 to 5 seconds per slide, aiming for about 45 seconds to a minute total
  • use this audio file to build on (Right click, Save Link/Target as—don’t try to open it
  • follow the Johnson tutorial to import the photos and audio
  • add a headline, some titles, a caption, a lower third, adjust the timing of some slides, change the order of some slides, delete at least one slide
  • export to the Web and view (click on the index.html file)

We’ll keep going with this and related video tips next class. We’ll also be setting up teams and discussing plans for interviews in the field—the first food drive event is March 21 at Fresh Grocer.

Because we will want to capture video during the food drive, I have one of our new camera kits to show, and Jon will be discussing plans for video training next class, including Friday labs on Final Cut Pro in Holroyd 167 (stay tuned to the Schedule page).



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