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February 25-Audio, mainly

As noted via e-mail, the mics now work with Audacity (although one headset was not working). The key is to set up the mic before you open Audacity. So we will try recording in again, as you will also need this for the Soundslides project (posted Wednesday), and everyone should be able to report that they are comfortable working with Audacity, as it has become the standard. So as a demo, save (right-click) and listen to this clip. Note that there are still issues with levels, and I used  Effects->Fade Out at the end of the first segment. Also when you get a headset, see p. 189 in Briggs (slowly count to 10, then move “3″ to be after “6″).

For review and wrap-up on editing audio, we will watch part of this video from the U. Georgia series ( Note these are in the sidebar teaching links. ) Note in this video  where he:

  • saves as a project (.aup)
  • opens the master/field  recording and then Project-New Audio Track to copy desired clips;he’ll delete the master later but it’s a good idea to copy rather than cut in case you make a mistake
  • use the Mute buttons to test one segment; highlight a piece and play just that part
  • to zoom back out hold Shift and click magnifying glass (note the – sign)
  • set levels with mic slider on the track info (left side), [or Effects -Amplify or use Envelope tool]
  • if stereo, split track, then delete one but also set remaining one to Mono
  • export to MP3—but first Edit-Preferences->Libraries and then point to the lame_enc_dll file (dynamic link library) file which is at C:\Program Files (x86) \Lame for Audacity (see handout Recording Audio with Audacity; you only have to do this once)

Then we will go to the Tech Notes page to FTP the finished file (or a test), and get an audio player (this can be buggy—might take a few tries). Audio with player (or at least back up link) due by Wednesday night.

Other items:

  1. Wall Street journal article about calories at McDonald’s
  2. Finish your 200-word post by tonight (and don’t forget to set the categories and any Tags)
  3. Alyssa’s blog has been deactivated (stay tuned: see these Terms of Service)
  4. You will be reviewing the movie A Place at the Table, so plan to do that with their Facebook on demand options
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