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Feb. 4

First, some links from the blogosphere:

  1. What do you think are the top social media sites? (Courtesy Poynter’s Al Tompkins).
  2. Did you hear about Applebee‘s social media meltdown? (Courtesy ONA Facebook Group)
  3. Jay Rosen frames the whole old/new journalism debate in two paragraphs (courtesy of Twitter)

Next class we will discuss these, Shirky and the Briggs textbook material. Be prepared (bring notes). We will also look at everyone’s blog so far and assign comments that you will need to make on other students’ blogs.

Today our guest is Tom Wingert, from the NHNP. He’ll be giving us an overview of the project, distributing some handouts, and staying for a Q&A. As I said last class, this is you chance to do some reporting on your blog topic—you should have come to class with some questions that you want answered. Recall that you ill be writing a backgrounder on the project for your blog in a few weeks. I’ll shoot video to post on the class blog later, in case you want to check on a fact or quote.

Other housekeeping includes: turning on file extensions in Windows; looking at RSS feeds (see notes on Jan. 28 post); make sure everyone can FTP to complete their assignment Wednesday (post an HTML/CSS page, a PHP page and link to those files on your “Other” page.


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