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Audio 2

Don’t forget to look at Briggs Chapter 7 and the tips in Audio 1 below. To get started, download this practice file (Right click Save Link As or Save Target As). Try duplicating this track, add a narration (see handout).


Audacity free audio editor

Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which Audacity can’t import. You’ll need to come to the front (or Center for New Media) to convert your files to .WAV or MP3 to bring into Audacity. I’ve got an app called Switch to do that, which you can download for a brief free trial (lasts longer on a Mac).

Some tips

  • Try the timeshift tool (double arrows) if you want to move some of your narration in between quotes
  • select, go to Effects->Amplify as another way to adjust sound besides the Envelope tool
  • Effects -> Fade In and Fade Out are the only others you should need
  • you can do the export to MP3 without using Quick Mix (in the handouts)
  • split any stereo track, then just delete (use X) rather than convert to mono
  • the spacebar plays and stops in most AV editing software
  • you have already found Record (red button); use Skip to Start/END (Purple arrows) to move around
  • be sure the Project Rate (bottom left corner) is 44100 Hz; you’ll need that setting for Soundslides later
  • don’t forget to locate the Audacity project file (.AUP) the data folder, your original file from the recorder, and your exported MP3
  • you should have an Upload/ Insert button on your Dashboard for audio. That should give you an option to upload from a URL, which is what we are doing; you should get a short piece of code in the visual editor that looks like :
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