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AEJMC conference

Back from five days at the main journalism educators conference.  The main threads I was pursuing were:

  • avenues for students to get content published online. This is a research project that got a real boost here. I heard from lots of schools that partnerwith local media (LSU, Columbia College, UMass, BU, USC, Arizona State, CUNY, Berkeley, Alabama), papers that partnerwith citizen journalists/bloggers (Seattle Times, Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer), and the buzz about other new community sites that might accept student content (YourHub, TBD, Patch; recent La Salle grad Sam Fran Scavuzzo edits the Ridgewood site). I established contacts with some of these and will be in touch with online editors. What I’m looking at is sites that act as gatekeepers for student content, as opposed to lab or workshopped sites that a school produces itself (more anon).
  • research on motivation for Web users and bloggers.
  • ideas for editing class. There’s a new project from U. of Minnesota called Topic Tiles that allows you to build games to teach events, grammar and the like. It’s done in a Google cloud called appspot, which is worth a further look.
  • tour of the Denver Post. That’s where I saw YourHub, learned of  their choice of camera to assign (Nikon D3S for both still and video), that video and stills are not done by the same people, that details will always matter.
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