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There’s a growing trend toward creating outlets online for students to publish content. Sometimes this is in concert with the college paper and website (new AP word), but what’s interesting are initiatives that go beyond that. Some colleges are filling gaps that local media no longer cover, as Inside Higher Ed discussed recently.

Two that I’ve worked with are UPIU and SU34, part of (recognize the photos?). The UPI site, run by the news/wire service, is going strong. If you want to, you could send them your final package, get some free reaction, and see if they post it. That then means that UPI itself might pick it up (on anyone on the Web, really). I also looked into our partnering with a university in the Philippines through UPUI.

United Press' student site

United Press' student site

SU34, or, seems to be in limbo as the paper is in bankruptcy auction right now. A lot of journalism professors were involved, and the paper was involved, right to the editor level, but it seemed always a struggle. When Chris Krewson left, things stagnated. Lessons? I’m not sure, except to say that publishing quality content is never an automatic process.'s student site (see La Salle page)'s student site (see La Salle page)

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