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Final reactions (and gravatars)

In lieu of a final exam, I want you to write a brief “take-home exam” (reaction paper) that responds to the questions below. Put a printed copy in my mailbox (Olney 141) by next Wednesday, May 5, and indicate on that other new work that is up on your blog (audio, slideshow, social media post, maps, final project). I’m expecting  just a page or two—whatever you think needs to be said.

  1. What did you get from this course that you did not expect, or that was new to you?
  2. What did you get that you expected to get?
  3. What did you expect but did not get, or didn’t get enough of?
  4. What do you now think about blogs? Are they part of the future of journalism?
  5. What else can you add that you anticipate about the future of online or multimedia journalism?

For gravatars (global avatars) see my post on October 30, and my comment on the Calendar post that shows mine. Remember that you still need to upload a photo/image for your profile on sites like LinkedIn. Gravatars are for any site that you comment on and that you use your e-mail to log on with.

WordPress has a support page on how to use a gravatar, but it  looks as if you need to go to to create it. They use your WordPress account, so the two are linked. Good luck. Some themes have a gravatar widget, so look for that first.

Ugly mug shot

Ugly mug shot

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