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November 2009
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Old stuff

8 changes I'd like to make

Couldn’t stick to 5:

  1. Change the favicon. In the images folder there is a favicon folder with about 50 examples. Also would prefer to use my own. Probably just an upload, but first I’d have to figure out which one it’s using. Also that image appears in header as logo.png, so would have to replace that to match.
  2. Try a static front page. Go to Add New in the Pages panel.
  3. Get the weather widget to work in a sidebar. This should just mean pasting the code into that template. For this theme, it’s all built in header.php.
  4. Do the same for PollDaddy, except we decided earlier that polls might have to be in a post.
  5. Change some fonts, e.g. use Georgia for contrast with all the sans-serif. Real font info is in css.php, not style.css, which only has a few rules about alignment.
  6. Change a:link from the default gray because it’s too hard to see that they’re links until you mouse over. See #5.
  7. Fix the JavaScript error I got when I put the Google Analytics code in. Just supposed to be a matter of removing spaces, but I tried that to no avail. Thought about using <pre>, but that sounds risky. That piece is in footer.php.
  8. Make the post archive browsable. I saw this in someone else’s homework, but can’t find it right now … as usual I am fading on Friday.
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