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October 2009
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Old stuff

Other plugins

At this sitting I installed:

Viper’s Video

First two are fine. Sociable shows the sharing icons on my About page, but not the home page (maybe that’s the intent). I made a quick poll for PollDaddy but it seems not to exist … ?

Gravatar and and plugins

Source of my gravatar

In a comment below I mentioned that I got a gravatar  icon so I have an image when I comment. It can be done from within WordPress, but I didn’t know that. So now it seems that process has set me up with a account as well.

That gave me a WordPress [...]


Always a question … why does the calendar for Atahualpa start the week on Monday? Where are these people from BytesFor All  from? Any place I’ve been the calendars start on Sunday. Are they of another religious persuasion?

Themes, again

OK—this has to be it for the HWG course, at least. I know others are using Atahualpa, but after the course we’ll all head our separate ways. I had other options, but wanted one that supported pages, so that I can have a place for other class materials.

I also still want to see the whole [...]

New theme (and centering)

SO I switched to this simpler Brown Creek theme (from I think two columns is enough, and you actually can read the text here. Others in this class (those overreaching HWG types) have much more sophisticated themes and have solved CSS issues, but I will get there eventually.

Previous theme

Note that now the last [...]

Images and galleries

I went in to the HTML to take out a style attribute <p style=”text-align:center”> but the two thumbs below stayed to the left. I added a third one, but WordPress then created a gallery. Something to get back to later … .

Themes (and FTP)

Well, this is a bit severe (Dark Wood from the WP free theme library). But I might leave it for now as it’s taking about 30-45 minutes to FTP a single theme to the server. (Also, it’s Saturday.) I am using a really old FTP client b/c Filezilla was having firewall issues.

Later, if they upload:

How not to blog


What’s described as a “fan site” on (Major League baseball) jumped the gun Monday night sometime in the ninth inning of the National League Championship Series. The Dodgers were up 4-3 with two outs in the ninth and went on to blow the game and lose 5-4 to the Phillies. But the site [...]

Blogroll: keeping the defaults

I’m a pack rat, so I left in the default blogroll, because they are actually ones I’d like to have available to the class. But I added a few that I’ve been collecting as well.

Show comments

Comments don’t seem to show by default—user has to click the link. So put that on the list. It seems to me most sites have them displayed automatically.

Questions as we go

Was this a good idea?

OK. I’m using the 402 blog to ask questions for later referral. I tried that last week, but it might have looked a bit snooty when I figured out an answer. But at the moment, I’m wondering how to upload a mug shot—hate those anonymous gray silhouettes. Plus, I want to [...]

Tagline +

I have the book for WordPress 2. The dashboard looks a lot different, so I’m not finding the (basic) way to edit the tagline. I also have not changed the categories successfully, but I’ll wait for the guru on that. Also students will feel my pain. Oh-I think I get the categories now.

One way or another

OK–I confess. I asked our IT folks to set up the MySQL database for me so I could do the manual install on the Web server (alpha) that hosts my home page, class pages and the like. As we were approaching the end of the week, I was getting a bit nervous.

Next thing I knew, [...]